For candidates


    Allow us to accompany you along your journey towards the position that suits you best. Whether you are doctors with extensive professional experience or fresh graduates. 

    Our consultants are trained to understand your needs in the best possible way and to make hiring proposals from the hundreds of available job offers in seven European countries. 

    The fact that we can advise you about choosing a position from several countries and make comparisons between our existing offers fills us with pride. 

    Each application is very important to us and even if we have no current vacancies fitting your profile, our team will give you a response within two days, and give you our attention until we will find a position suitable for you. 
    You benefit from our services in several ways:

    Custom consulting

    • Personalized job search in order to find a position that suits you. If you have certain preferences, we will contact the clinics that you prefer. 
    • You will know at any time the state of your application, due to the personal consultant that will accompany you through the whole recruitment process. 
    • We advise and present job offers as detailed as possible before employment, and if in doubt, we can put you in contact with a hospital representative or a doctor from the hospital in question. 
    • We will clarify the Terms and Conditions stated in the employment contract. 
    • We offer customized solutions to timely improve your language knowledge.


    • You can concentrate on your activities while we continue the job-search for you. 
    • We communicate with employers and arrange interviews according to your schedule. 
    • We handle formalities for foreign employment.
    • We will search for a home for you and for a school or kindergarten for your children. 

    Financial Support

    • Our services are free.
    • We pay for part of the expenses that occur during the interviews abroad. 
    • We finance language courses and other expenses if you can’t cover these costs.
    Our candidate’s success stories are the guarantee for the quality of our services!

    Stages of selection:
    1. Send us your CV:
      This should fairly highlight your professional experience, as an employer will decide on a possible interview, based on the details provided in your CV.
    2. Talk to our consultants:
      Our goal is to better understand your needs and your motivation in order to determine your priorities in finding a job. 

      The more accurate your requirements related to the prospective employer (location, city size, size of clinic, technical equipment, the date of commencement of work, etc.) the better we understand what you seek. 

      At this stage, we require a set of documents that employers usually ask for, besides your CV. Papers such as, university diploma, specialist degree, and possibly a language certificate.
    3. We send your application to employers:
      Only clinics that meet your criteria will be selected to receive the application. Response time varies from country to country, as your CV should be viewed by several people before the decision makers will invite you to an interview.
    4. The interview.
    5. We handle the formalities for obtaining recognition of professional qualifications.
      The recognition of the specialty medical degree can be a burden for you, but we have the experience of hundreds of candidates with these procedures and will advise you to the last detail about preparation of documents, so that everything can proceed very quickly and stress free for you. 

      Also at this stage we will help you find a home and a kindergarten or school for your children.
    6. You start working.